Back to School Open House

Burlington LABBB parents were invited to an Open House hosted by the LABBB staff and students on Friday, September 26th. In addition to sampling treats provided by the classrooms, the occasion provided an opportunity for parents to connect and to hear what is happening in our program this year. We were very excited to show off our program!

IMG_0744 IMG_0747

Stretch it to the limit

Life in our classroom can be difficult and stressful at times when we have a lot of work to do. Luckily, we have found a solution to this problem. YOGA!! This can be very relaxing for all who practice it. We have learned some ways to breathe that help us to get calm. In addition to breathing, we do stretches, poses and play games with partners and groups. We have posted some pictures that show us doing our poses. Namaste!


The class enjoyed reading an adapted version of Macbeth in comic book format.  Their culminating activity was creating a Diorama depicting a scene of their choice.  The students used figures, colored paper, computer  images and their own drawings in order to creat their projects.  As usual, we were impressed!

Historical Figure PowerPoint

During Technology class in conjunction with U. S. History, the students created PowerPoint presentations on a historical figure from the American Revolution.  The students caught on to using PowerPoint quite quickly.  Click on the title of the presentation to view their work.



George Washington by Cesar Gomez

Paul Revere by Troy Barrett

John Hancock Project by Jake Keene

Check Out our Glogs on Cell Parts

Our students did a wonderful job using “Glogster” (an online poster making program) to create an employee handbook for a fictional gaming store “Cellebrate”.  They were asked to create job descriptions that coincide with the duties of the organelle or cell part they were assigned.  Click on the following cell parts to see the students’ work.

Endoplasmic Reticulum


Cell Membrane